Stübben Freedom Girth

R 8,980.00 ZAR


FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - The Purpose of the Stubben Freedom girth is to allow freedom of movement within the abdominal muscles enabling faster development.

COMPLEMENTING DESIGN - When designing the Freedom Stud Girth priority was given to achieving a design that contoured the rib cage, taking into account where the muscle meets the articulated bone.

FOR ELITE JUMPERS - The Freedom Girth was designed specifically for the elite jumpers, this advanced biomechanical girth takes into account each abdominal muscle used.

CAREFUL CONSIDERATION - Particular consideration was taken in the location of the main internal and superficial supply of oxygenated blood to the muscles especially allowing for natural muscle movements independent of each other and allowing the height and extension which are fundamental to accomplish the precise jump.

6 PARTS - The girth is comprised of 6 parts, the musculature that intervenes (posterior, pectorals, latissimus dorsi and intercostal muscles of both sides) can maintain its natural rhythmic movement, alternating the right and left areas without becoming blocked, as occurs with a normal one-piece girth. 

BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE - The Freedom jumping girth's unique design also allows for efficient drainage of perspiration. On the posterior side, the girths pectoral pieces have canals that create a pathway with traction to move sweat away from your horse. The same pectoral pieces on the posterior-superior side also have a depression on their padding devised to liberate the tension of the superficial epigastric vein found on both sides of the body.