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High Quality Saddles

Stübben are master saddlers who live, and work, in Switzerland, Germany and Spain.
They have hundreds of years of experience hand-crafting Stübben Saddles. They are proud to still have their patented Spring Tree as the backbone for each of the Stübben saddles.
They are passionate about their old-world techniques, but also continually bring new and wonderful innovations, like their patent-pending Biomex seat saddles.   

Top Class Horse Stables and Walkers

Röwer & Rüb manufactures stables and horse walkers in the best quality. Their main goal is to supply a solution for any equestrian project. 

Best Selling Horse Solarium in Europe

DriMee is a dedicated horse drying equipment manufacturer based in Sheffield, UK. DriMee was formed in 2014 and with our sights set high we are bringing innovation to the industry through the manufacture of the most modern Equestrian Solariums