Bit Blue Hollow Loose Ring Snaffle

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MOST COMMON - The loose ring jointed snaffle is one of the most common types of snaffle cheeks, and generally considered to be the best style of cheek for disciplines requiring sensitive contact through the reins, such as dressage. 

MOUTHPIECE MOVES FREELY - Because the ring-shaped cheek pieces are attached to the bit by running through holes bored into the ends of the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece to move freely in relation to the rings.

NUTCRACKER ACTION - This bit acts on the bars of the mouth, tongue, roof and corners of the mouth. A nutcracker effect can often cause the horse to raise its head in line with or during rein pressure as a result of the middle of the bit bending and creating pressure on the roof of the horse’s mouth.

MATERIAL - Stainless Steel with sweet blue alloy mouth pieces.

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