Kerbl Magic Brush Wash And Shine Shampoo "Sensitive"

R 370.00 ZAR

ALOE VERA - Wash&Shine – Sensitive – Aloe Vera: exclusive care with fine, protective silk protein and precious aloe vera.

100% NATURAL - 100% natural ingredients: natural tenside, vegan silk, aloe vera, macadamia nut oil, castor oil.

VEGAN SILK - Vegan silk forms a natural, breathable protein film.

EFFICIENT PROTECTION - Efficient protection against harmful environmental influences.

PRECIOUS OILS - Caring vitamin B complex promotes a natural shine.

MILD - Especially mild and gentle on the skin.

SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE HORSES - Does not irritate the eyes and is also suitable for sensitive horses.

FREE FROM SILICONES - Free from silicones for healthy horse care.