Busse Cooling Boot "Cool Off'

DESIGN - Cooling boot for simple and effective cold therapy as part of regeneration after training, for prevention, during convalescence or in acute need after trauma.

Extra generous dimensions for the use on the front or hind leg.

CONSTRUCTION - The cooling boot has 24 individual, firmly integrated cool packs, which retain their flexible consistency when cooled, so that the cooling boot can be optimally adapted to the leg and ensures good surface contact and the associated cooling effect

Cool packs are additionally padded and insulated on the outside for good, long-term temperature maintenance

Four elastic straps with hook-and-loop fasteners for easy and safe putting on and taking off

Outer material made of durable 420 denier polyester

Singly in transport bag

Dimensions: approx. 47 x 42 cm

USE - Pre-cool the cooling boot completely in the freezer; an internal temperature of -6 ° C is usually reached

Put on cooling boot like normal leg protection so that they cannot slip or pinch

In order to achieve a deep effect, each application should last for about 20 minutes, the application can be repeated as required

Only leave the cooling boot on the leg during the application of cooling, do not leave the horse unattended

Together with two common household ice packs, the cooling boot keeps its cooling temperature in a commercial cooler bag for up to 4 hours with a temperature increase of only approx. 1-2 ° C per hour

In a pre-cooled cool box connected to the car, truck or stable, the cooling boot with two additional household, pre-chilled ice packs can keep its cooling temperature much longer without a rise in temperature

ADVANTAGES - Uncomplicated and at the same time effective application, reusable many times

No power or water connection required during cooling application

The cooling boot can be kept in the freezer compartment for emergencies

Resource-saving: reduces water consumption compared to water cooling with a hose

GENERAL BENEFITS OF COOLING THERAPY - In case of acute need: contraction of the vessels, containment of the bleeding, containment of the swelling. This can also help to relieve pain

In the case of non-acute needs: increase in blood circulation, increase in metabolism in the cooled area, improvement in the removal of waste products, improvement in cell regeneration

Cooling therapies are considered to be particularly effective and gentle, usually no side effects, no doping

Note: If you have an acute need, please consult your veterinarian.

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Heletta Marais Marais
Busse Cool boot

Great product and good value for money.