Bit Beris "Combi"

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CHIN/CURB PRESSURE - The Curb Gag is based on similar concepts to a running gag, but instead of using poll pressure it is replaced with chin / curb pressures.

FREEDOM OF THE JAW - Using a second rein acts with slight leverage spreading pressure evenly on the lower jaw, bars and lip and is generally well accepted by horses. It allows a letting go of the curb chain by the rider for more freedom of the jaw. The pressure on the jaw can be tightened as needed.

THE TOP REIN - The top rein on the other hand works like a 3 ring gag still allowing the rider to use poll pressure without over exerting causing an over bend.

GREAT FOR STRONG HORSES - This bit is great for strong horses that are very eager in to a fence.

SOFT - Very supple and pleasant in the mouth with a flexible steel core giving high security, particularly for sensitive or young horse.

HARD/FIRM - The material is firm and non-flexible whilst very pleasant in the mouth, for very strong or horses that lean. A less cumbersome alternative to Vulcanite.

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